If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the largest one.

Size to order (EU / US) Chest size (inch) Waist size (inch) Hips size (inch)
38 / 8/
35 27
40  10 36
42/ 12 37
44 / 14 38
46 / 16 39
48 / 18 40
50 / 20 41
52 / 22 42
54 / 24 43

*Please note that our size guide may vary slightly by model.


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Bella Blue – The loose clothing brand for women

We know how much effort it takes to find the right size for your body, but we know comfort isn't all that matters. We also understand that when it comes to looking good while feeling good about yourself, it's not just about finding the right garment, it also takes style!
At Bella Blue, we make clothes that fit your body and help you feel confident! We work hard to make sure every piece of clothing is made with care to look your best.

Be at the forefront of fashion without complex!

Our online store regularly offers new arrivals and exciting sales throughout the year! We know it can be difficult to find loose fitting clothes, but what you don't know is that there are extraordinary pieces that can only be worn in your size, from regular sizes to certain plus sizes, our mission is to provide women with elegant clothing that allows them to express themselves and have a unique style. Each piece in our range is designed and created by our own teams of collectors and stylists. We are committed to offering you quality fabrics, original designs and we can assure you that you will not find this kind of style anywhere else!

Beautiful for any occasion!

Whatever the occasion, you will find chic clothes to suit you. From wardrobe basics to easy-to-wear, dressy looks to loungewear, you'll find all the pieces you need for your wardrobe. On Bella Blue, we offer a wide variety of clothing from small, medium to large size. Whether you're looking for something classic or trendy, our site has everything you need to complete your look. Our cuts are suitable for many profiles, round women, women with generous shapes, those who appreciate oversize, some also use them as maternity clothes and finally we also have men who really appreciate some of our models. Either way, with our summer and winter promotions and year-round bargains, there's never been a better time to refresh your wardrobe and get clothes on the cheap. Whatever the occasion, there will be something for everyone at Bella Blue!

For all people who like to dress up, who have a passion for fashion, who love to shop, who want to look beautiful and beautiful at any age, who want to stand out, Bella Blue has some of the most creative designs for you. radiate. You can directly explore our clothing site to get the latest pieces or visit us in our clothing stores in Paris.